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Remainders of the Day

Photo Credit: Ashley Hay Advertisements


travelling communion cup

Acts of Communion


Mouth’s Memory……

After Taste

Leaving a bad taste in your mouth…………..



The sweetest of poisons

Lick Stick

  A Book of Spoons Jasper Morrison 1997

Crossing intertexture – Exteriority and Interiority

Jenny Holzer – From ‘Living’ 1980-82 Cast bronze plaque.

Something a bit more palatable?

Wash your mouth out……

“The memory of you emerged from the night around me. The river mingles it’s stubborn lament with the sea.” Pablo Neruda

“Breathing on them such wondrous fragrance”

(The myth of the goddess: evolution of an image.) “In your hands the honey of my mouth turns to poison. It is mere survival – yours and mine. Change is eternity.” ‘Awakening Osiris’

Walter Benjamin

A collaboration with the school of chemistry…

  A special trip..more photos to follow.

My own Bell Jars…

Glass and Gold