Jaw-dropping, jaw drops, dropped jaw


Deconstruction of mouth

“The memory of you emerged from the night around me. The river mingles it’s stubborn lament with the sea.” Pablo Neruda

“Breathing on them such wondrous fragrance”

(The myth of the goddess: evolution of an image.) “In your hands the honey of my mouth turns to poison. It is mere survival – yours and mine. Change is eternity.” ‘Awakening Osiris’

A visit home……

Flesh Pots

Places offering luxurious and unrestrained pleasure where body desires are gratified. Lusting after some nostalgic conception of the past can be even more spiritually poisonous (Israelites reminiscing about Egypt)

Oral fixations

Focused on mouth “catheted” ‘Libidinal energy focused on the mouth.’ The first instinct we manifest is sucking The oral stage – is especially important in societies that consider the stomach to be the… Continue reading

Palate Cleansers

Palatal – of the palate Cleaning the mouth from previous things – To clear the mouths memory…..

More Hors d’oeuvres…

To be viewed before the work – the oral before….. The chocolate is consumer able and doesn’t last long – so they have a a spoon inside and a ribbon as a remembrance… Continue reading

Hors d’oeuvres – apart from the (main) work.

Small hand size bites, nibbles…. Outside the work Before the main event To wet ones appetite

Hors d’oeuvre

Conveyors, vessels of human soul.

The ultimate plinth.

Remembrance, cold, renaissance, melancholy, the decay of intimacy…

Black Smoke Rising……

I went over to the MAC Today, which is Birmingham’s art centre. To see, good friend, mentor and fantastic sculptor – Tim Shaw RA first solo show in a major public gallery. And… Continue reading

Decay of intimacy


A trip to the physics department….

Marble slab, metal tray…..

Thinking about marble

A serving.