Cinderella’s severed Hands not glass slipper

I have been doing more research into hands recently, concentrating on the hands’  connection to the mouth.

This relationship is reflected in language; ‘hand to mouth’

Making links; The Medieval etymology of hand comes from manus meaning service:fullsizerender

The word ‘hand’ is derived from ‘service’ and I am combing my own hands with serving dishes (salvers) Inspired by martyrdom and the painter Zurbaran with his depictions of Saint Agatha and Saint Lucy;


…..Hands are often thought of as embodiments of agency.

Darian Leader later in his new book; ‘Hands what we do with them – and why’ Discusses how the Cinderella story has been repressed from the original incestuous motifs. Scholar’s Margaret Schlauch and Marina Warner have studied these tales revealing that the story has been part of a ‘long tradition of narrative in which the Father is told to remarry only a woman as fair as she. At some point he realises that this person is the daughter, and insists that they wed. This incestuous union is averted only by the daughter cutting off her own hands, and sending them to her father.’

‘If this is what you love so much, here, take it; as if to show him that his desire is aimed not at her person but only at a part of her body.’

“Hermione Thompson suggests that it could also signify a rejection of the very dimension of agency”

(Leader, Darian, Hands; What we do and why 2016, pg 70)