Monthly Archive: March, 2014

Erik Satie – Gnossienne no 3

Erik Satie – Gnossienne no 3 Within the silence, the spaces in between, what is left unsaid – When there is space and time to feel. That private – INTIMATE space. For your… Continue reading

Anais Ain – fragments….

  “The ragpicker worked in silence and never looked at anything that was whole. His eyes sought the broken,  the worn, the faded, the fragmented. A complete object made him sad. What could… Continue reading

Mike Kelly’s Uncanny……..

Inspired By Maisie Broadhead……

I went to the Private opening of Maisie Broadhead’s solo exhibition at the Sarah Myerscough gallery and I am feeling inspired…… ‘All art is a fragment or out of focus. It is not… Continue reading

Walter Benjamin

Pitt-Rivers and Susan Hiller

Susan Hiller – “I deal with fragments of everyday life, and I’m suggesting that a fragmentary view is all we’ve got.”

Freud, Uncanny and Susan Hiller

‘Homage to Joseph Beuys’……Victorian bottles – Susan Hiller

Wearable glass mouth…..

Black gold tongue brooch – to wear at Schmuck, Munich

Heimlich – Intimate


Eyelash collecting


Tears A trail of tears, to allow the flow of tears, tears tracing…………..

kiki Smith ‘tears’

Chatelaine? Stop watch?

Black gold, bronze and rose gold

Life experience; my own experiences and emotions

Another material in my work, is my own life experience. My experiences and emotions of the world I live and my body. Experience derives from being an individual in society. Our relationships with… Continue reading