Inspired by Louise Bourgeois

Bourgeois once said that:

“the cells represent different types of pain: the physical, the emotional and psychological, and the mental and intellectual. when does the emotional become physical? When does the physical become emotional: it’s a cycle going around and around. Pain can begin at any point and turn in either direction. Each cell deals with fear. Fear is pain. Often it is not perceived as pain, because it is always disguising itself.”


In Cell II (1991) – Louise Bourgeois, encloses a mirrored table within a circle of wooden doors. On the table lies a sculpture of wringing hands, and bottles of empty or half empty of Guerlain’s perfume, Shalimar. A perfume which was inspired by a love story.. And the table feels it could be a lady’s vanity table. The perfume is used up or dried away in the installation, there is memory of it though, the power of scent – all that is left are memories that do not wish to go away….